Absolutely Beautiful Farmhouse style Tiny Home with lots of historical r...

Absolutely Beautiful Farmhouse style Tiny Home with lots of historical reclaimed materials
Price: $68,000
Location: Parker, Colorado
Size: 264 sq. ft.
This Tiny Home is built on a Trailer Made trailer - the best Tiny Home foundation in the business! We can also send a full Spec Sheet that will give you all the detailed specs.


There is so much history and charm in this 8x24, 264 sq ft Tiny Home! When you enter the walls of this beauty, you'll find lots of big farmhouse charm packed into a Tiny Home for simple living. During design and construction, we paid close attention to keeping things as traditional as possible to the old farmhouse style. We did add some modern amenities such as air conditioning, running water, and a flush toilet, but in many areas, we were able to stay true to the traditions of the farmhouse styles from the early 1900's.

Here are a few of the fun pieces of history in this unique, beautiful Tiny House:

• Accent wall made from authentic shiplap from a 1945 Texas farmhouse.
• The two vintage candlestick sconces adorning the shiplap wall were found by our Designer at a Texas Junk and Antique Market.
• The white antique light fixture in the ceiling is one of the harder-to-find fixtures of this type as it has the "ribs" or "gills" at the top that also shed light.
• The sinks (bathroom and kitchen) are antiques that have been repurposed from another Texas farmhouse.
• Antique bathroom door and door hardware
• The reclaimed beadboard ceilings came from two different places. The white beadboard came from a farmhouse in Brown County, TX dating back to the mid-to-late 1890's. Originally a two-room dogtrot house with a fireplace in each room, the dogtrot was enclosed with additions in the early 1900's. During the recent demolition, the dogtrot walls were discovered. The insides of walls on the addition were lined with newspaper dated 1901. The other colors of beadboard ceiling came from a farmhouse built in the early 1900's in Gatesville, TX. The house was a unique, L-shaped house with a large L-shaped front porch that was shaded by several huge pecan trees.
• For the flooring, we went with solid maple floors. In keeping with the authentic farmhouse look, we chose to "roughen up" the floors by exposing the nail heads and intentionally putting a few hammer marks and scratches in the floors. Back in the day, building materials where chosen based on limited material availability at the time, often resulting in random-width planks of wood. As such, we incorporated several different widths of flooring (4", 6", and 8").
• For the lower cabinets and built-in seating, we chose a soft, warm color that was traditional in the early 1900's farmhouse style houses. We don't quite know what the color was called back then, but the color we chose is called "duck egg blue". The product we used is a chalk paint by Annie Sloan.
• For the upper cabinets, we went with the traditional open shelving look. Historically, open shelving was the norm in the earlier days of farmhouses. However, as railroads opened up across the country and gave people better access to a variety of materials, cabinets with glass fronts became more popular. We chose to stay with the earlier farmhouse look of open shelving.
• For the countertops, we built our own custom countertops from a product called Galvalume. This product allows us to showcase a traditional galvanized metal look, but it also provides a coating to protect against corrosion.
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